If you know me, you understand that I’ve had a passion for healthy living.  The environment, animal protection, and reducing the number of people with heart diseas are all part of my love for life.

So. I’m starting a new business.  Dedicated to helping busy families reverse heart disease, shut down diabetes, and laying down a strong foundation for their children to be healthy.

Here’s what the new gig will look like:


Want to make healthier meals faster?  I can help you. Take charge of your kitchen—and win at Meatless Mondays!

Option #1

  1. Pantry assessment
  2. Spice clean out
  3. Assess utensils and other cooking tools
  4. Arrange pantry, cupboards and fridge
  5. Create staples list that can be used for most meals
  6. Recipes for 5 ‘go to’ dinners
  7. Determine which style of organization works best for your family


Option #2

  1. Option #1 + #2
  2. Take grocery shopping trip
  3. 10 recipes to kick start your creativity
  4. Create 3 ‘go to’ meals together
  5. Learn the importance of Mise en Place to cut time and mistakes when cooking
  6. Discover tips and tricks for making quick healthy meals


Option #3

    1. Personal plant based meals prepared at your home, or delivered.
    2. Plant based cooking lessons


Affordable pricing, endless rewards.


About Miller Canning

Miller grew up in a classic 60’s home where her mother made a roast, open canned vegetables and boiled potatoes for meals.  She became a vegetarian at the age of 14, a weight lifter, runner in college and after a heart attack at a young age, a plant based eater.

Miller knew she wanted to leave her career as a tech marketer to show people how eating well can fuel and heal their bodies.



Miller Canning



References available as requested