So yummy for summer weather!

Watermelon, Edamame + Arugula Salad With Balsamic Glaze

High in vitamins C and A, beta-carotene with protein from edamame.

Photo Credit: Laura Rosenberg

6 servings


  • 2 cups balsamic vinegar
  • 1 cup edamame, shelled
  • ½ watermelon, diced
  • 6 cups arugula, washed and dried
  • 2 ounces feta cheese
  • ¼ cup pine nuts, toasted


1. Bring vinegar to boil in a small heavy saucepan; reduce to a simmer and cook until thickened and syrupy, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool completely.

2. Bring a small pot of salted water to boil. Add edamame and cook for 3 minutes. Drain and cool.

3. Toss watermelon and arugula in a large bowl. Top with edamame and crumbled feta.

4. Drizzle balsamic reduction over salad and top with pine nuts.