Focused on living healthy, I was a healthy eater, regular outdoor exerciser as well as a gym rat runner and weight lifter.  I didn’t eat meat or fried foods. In face a doctor laughed at me when I felt guilty for eating ‘more sugar than I should’.  He said I ate 85% less than all of his patients.

They why the first heart attack?  Having high cholesterol that was coming from a place that I couldn’t identify.  No family roots of genetic early heart attacks or stroke.  WTF?

Now we know.  A genetic mutation PCSK9.  My body produces an abnormal amount of cholesterol.  I suppose I should be happy that I ate well and exercised as an earlier heart attack could have happened.  Stress driven for sure, but the cholesterol reacting.

Finally, a cardiologist who knows the Ornish diet, worked with Dr. Ornish actually, found it easy to identify this issue.  And since I can’t take statins, it leaves the new drugs.

PCSK9-inhibitor drugs: A game-changer for individuals with extremely high cholesterol levels

If you have done everything your doctors have told you about changes in diet and exercise, ask for the test identifying this genetic mutation.

Then you can tell your friends you’re a mutant.  It’s a great conversation starter.