When I had my first heart attack in 2012, I was stunned that a healthy eater, runner and non-genetically disadvantaged person could have one.  I went completely plant based and moved to California where I loved the weather and the open hearts and minds of the people.

Yeah, it was hard to find consistent work.  But I loved it.  I also happened to discover the research through my health provider…the research about Adverse Childhood Experience and how it impacts the child’s brain, and impacts the long term health of an individual.

I knew there was something in the study that was speaking to me, but I didn’t take enough time to figure out what to do.  I was job hunting, then moved to Denver to take a CMO role at a start up.  Just 2.5 months into the new role, after a trip back to Silicon Valley where I had picked up a miserable cold, I had a massive heart attack.  The widowmaker.

It’s a big one and called the widowmaker because there are just a few precious moments to call for help before you can’t…and if no one is around, death is nearby.  It’s how many men have died in the past, though more women now die from heart attacks than men.

I grabbed a fleece and wrapped it around my waist, picked up my cell phone, dialed 911, threw my wallet into a pocket, opened the front door and I was down on the floor.  Blissfully unconscious from the pain.

Finally, an answer that made sense.  Not that it’s great to have to acknowledge my childhood trauma, but I refuse to be embarrassed by it.  As educated and healthy I am as an adult, choosing to live differently than my family patterns, I was unaware just how much beyond my control.

Don’t be embarrassed.  Take the test.  http://www.acestudy.org/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/ACE_Calculator-English.127143712.pdf

I’ll be posting more detailed information soon.