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Heart disease impacts most of the US population. Most people don’t know that they have heart disease until they have a heart attack.  At that point, under the fear of death, lives can change.  Why is it we wait so long to take the number one killer of women seriously? Especially since the fastest growing group of heart attack patients is between 40-55?


Are you fighting heart disease? Are you fighting it by learning the hard way? Or does knowing that this disease can surprise anyone motivate you to take prevention steps?

The American Heart Association lists the basic, most simple ways of taking care of your heart. But I don’t believe it goes deep enough for today’s life style. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind:

1. Pollution increases heart disease. Live in a crowded city with pollution? When I lived in NYC, I had to see a facialist every month to dig the soot out of my pores.  I wonder how my lungs look.

2. Stress. You’re so used to stress that you don’t know what is too much, right? Single events of trauma have long lasting impact on the heart, and so does working for a bullying boss, living in a relationship that makes you unhappy increases your stress…and that increases strain on your liver and heart.

3. Food. No need to point out the bad stuff because you’ve heard it all. How about the good stuff? Did you know that by eating your greens, it really means that your diest should be made 85% of dark leafy greens, mixed with other colorful veggies? Not cooked down with bacon, ham hocks, butter. And iceburg lettuce isn’t dark green.

4. Exercise. Walking is good. But you have work up a little sweat, and make it at least 30 minutes. Everyday.

5. Eat natural soluable fiber every day. Throw chia seeds in your juice, salad, hamburger, bean salads, or in a glass of water. Two tablespoons a day will help keep things working better on the inside.

How are you fighting?