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silver bullet

This is Heart Month, as I’m sure you know. With heart disease being the #1 Killer of Americans, do you wonder what we’re missing? Do you wonder if statin’s aren’t working or if it’s due to more stress, or do you just shut your mind off so you don’t have to worry about it?  Or my favorite–if I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die happy–typically in response to habit changes. Giving up fatty foods, fried foods, beer, fast food, cigarettes seems to terrify people.

Reducing your risk of a heart attack by protecting yourself from heart disease may take change.  And it might take a lot of change.

Before you take a rigid stance, imagine yourself having to take oxygen with you to the grocery store, or unable to walk around the grocery store so you have to drive one of those sit down electric shopping carts, or needing someone to do the simplest tasks for you like wash your hair.

If your heart is damaged during a heart attack, that can happen. In my support group there are several people in their 40’s who are disabled by their heart attack. They thought they had more time to change.  So their days are all about medication, the nursing assistant that visits weekly, having someone make meals for them and their family…but mostly learning to deal with the loss of freedom.

Are you sure you want to eat how you want, smoke as much as you want, not exercise because you’ll die being happy?

Just wondering.