1. Know that your education, religion, success, family lineage, culture etc, is just window dressing.

2. No one can be mindful, centered, grounded, spiritual, kind, thoughtful all the time.

3. Most learning comes from pain and loss. Seek the learning in the challenging times, assess along the way. The smallest light in the darkness can bring awareness, peace and healing.

4. You can choose to create health for your body. Some disease just exists. But so much can be held off by loving your body by embracing healthy patterns.

5. Disease robs us and enriches us at the same time. Pain robs us and enriches us at the same time. There’s an ebb and flow to both. If we run from the pain, we miss the enriching.

6. Letting go of the clutter in our lives frees us to expand. Belief systems that no longer work or inspire, people who drain us, work that takes away more than it gives, things that clutter our garage, home, closets…Let them go.

7. Transform your suffering. You suffer when you’re not in control. As small as the traffic jam may seem, it’s a form of frustration that causes suffering. Wanting something or someone to be different than it is causes suffering.

Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with others. Know that we live in moments strung together by darkness and light. Seek out the light. It’s there.


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