I’ve always heard it’s good for humans to meditate. The few times I tried in the past, I actually felt…grounded. Being a competitive athletic type person I have to get over the desire for competitive meditation.  It’s like hot yoga and hot sauce…who can handle it the best and for the longest.

Losing my job recently (I am actually grateful for that because my energy is better spent, frankly, since I don’t have to regularly detox from the boss’s craziness) has pushed me to move forward. And I’ve noticed that on the days I actually give myself 5 minutes to meditate along with Deepak Chopra’s CD, there are changes.

1. I feel like a nicer person throughout the day.

2. My focus is stronger.

3. I really AM more grateful.

4. I’m less anxious.

5.Productivity is easier.

The CD that I’m using goes for over 20 minutes. Right. Like I can sit still for that long. HA! For now I’m pleased that in 5 minutes I can get 5 changes.

It’s all good.

doggie meditate