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As the Interim Marketing Director for www.GrapeHeartwines.com I get to attend all sorts of wine events.  Last Saturday evening I drove up to Napa from Oakland, where I live, to attend the 2nd annual Women in Wine event put on by MORE magazine.


We didn’t have the opportunity to pour, but it was great to see and meet so many female vintners.  I taste many wines, most of which I would welcome at my table and share with friends.

What I didn’t enjoy was the food that was walked around on silver platters by servers.  If it wasn’t gluten, it was animal products…or sugar.  None of which I should eat.  I did just to manage a balance with the alcohol, but I paid the price with stomach cramps during the night and fatigue for a week.

My interest in creating succulent, gourmet vegan food continues to grow.  Why should I give up my love of wine because there’s no food to eat with it?  Ridiculous, right?  I make a great pot of food for myself to last a few days.  And my veggies smoothies are my wonderful morning starter–which ensures that I get enough veggies for the day.  But I wouldn’t serve these one pot meals to very many people.

After the heart attack I knew that getting chef’s training was going to be my path.  I hadn’t married it up with my love of wine.  In fact, I’d stopped drinking wine (the wine I love is out of my unemployed persons budget).  Now that I’m active in a wine business, my passion is increasing.  My love of food is increasing and I see that I must take control of my sustenance.

Tomorrow evening I’m taking my first class in vegan cooking.  It’s with a Vegan Iron Chef and we’ll be tackling Vietnamese and Thai dishes.  I’m so excited.  There are only 8 other students.  Most likely I’ll be the most inept person with the tools.  Probably the newest vegan.  That’s ok.  I’m a fast learner.

I can’t wait to begin this journey.