After getting out of the House of Calistoga Crazy, there was a reduction in general anxiety but increase in angina.  Heart pain.  For me it feels like a piece of metal is trying to push through my chest.  Ouch.  It’s distressing and increases the stress.

Between paying for motels with the precious limited amount of money in my account, driving the poor dogs all over the Bay Area looking at places to rent, I was worried that another heart attack was imminent.

Fortunately we landed in a condo right off the freeway.  Actually overlooking the freeway.  The neighbors tell me I’ll get used to the noise.  It reminds me of how I adapted to the train whistle when I lived in Memphis—I was 3 houses away and it was LOUD!!

Just a couple of blocks of the little condo complex in which I reside is an enormous condo complex of new builds.  Mine is from the 70-80’s.  It is amazing how many places squeeze into a tight area among the hills.  This new complex has a little park that the dogs and I are walking to.  They have poop bags, and a trash container.  It works out well, though all three of us miss the fenced back yard we have had for years at every place we have lived for over 20 years.  But it gets me up and walking early in the morning.


The dogs and I have our own space.  It’s in the middle of being redone by the landlord, but she took pity on us an let us move in early.  FOR FREE.  I’m helping her declutter the place because it’s evident that she is a hoarder.  Not the dirty trashy kind of hoarder.  But it was a bit shocking to see how much stuff she had in this condo and her condo upstairs.  Especially since I’ve been downsizing for the past 7 years, it hurts my head to look at the amount of things collected but not being used.

We live on Mountain Blvd in Oakland between the very cute town of Montclair and San Leandro.  Apparently after the big earthquake one of the freeways collapsed so it is a bit of a mind bender to figure out why I go onto a large freeway just to get to the next town.  I’m learning to identify places that are safe, how to get on and off multiple freeways in seconds.  The exits come up fast and I’ve often been on the wrong side of the 6 lanes.  The 880, 80, 680, 580, 980, 13, 24.  All around me.

Yesterday I started using my NutraBullet again.  I found “my” Safeway for shopping, Starbucks and produce stand.  I did make it to Whole Foods, but I think I won’t need it much.  Things are getting back to a new normal.

I’ve met several great people that I can use as resources and I’m delighted to be here.  Rebooting my life in the Bay Area.

Grateful.  Thankful.  Working towards Peaceful.  Reducing the stress.