Last Friday I made it to Calistoga, CA.  It was a helluva long drive with the dogs.  The best part was staying over at my friend Karin’s house in Las Vegas.  No need for entertaining.  We just hung out. The dogs and I rested.  It was warm and dry.  We took a couple of walks and looked at the ducks on a little lake.  Awesome.

If not for the very difficult temporary living situation of an aggressive dog that I hadn’t been prepared for…because I was needing more stress.  ;>)    Aside from this detail, I’m so glad to have made the move.  The weather is phenomenal and I enjoyed a day of rain on Sunday.  I enjoyed it for the area which has been experiencing drought for so long.

Meeting new people, reconnecting with people I’ve met on visits, are all wonderful.  I’m convinced that once things settle down I will be home.

Come visit.calistoga