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on the road


I really hate moving.  But I think it’s worse after a heart attack.  Clearing, sorting, packing, getting rid of stuff kicked my butt.  All I want to do is curl up for a day or two and rebuild energy.  The exhaustion over rides the thrill of heading west.  I’m sure that I will feel different as the dogs and I get going.

Getting rid of everything was difficult.  It’s left me feeling a bit more at loose ends than I anticipated.  It’s the roller coaster of emotions and a formal picture of what my life has been since the economy tanked.  Ultimately, I’m okay with it all.  Just being present and mindful of the feelings…like a good little Buddhist.  Not holding on to the feelings, just acknowledging them.

On the other side of things, I’m looking forward to seeing open road again.  Really looking forward to leaving 8 degrees behind.  Once out of Tennessee, I’ll believe that I’m actually doing this.

Oklahoma City is the first stop.  Then pushing through to Albuquerque.  A short drive to Flagstaff and then to stay a couple of days with my friend Karin in Las Vegas.  A good glass of wine and some serious girl talk will have been well earned.

After that just Bakersfield and then on to my 3 month stay in Calistoga.  I’m smiling.  Wish you could see it!

I’ll be taking pics when I remember–I can get tunnel vision when I’m on the road.

Silly and bizarre images shall follow soon.