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Mornings wouldn’t be the same without my green infusion.  I don’t juice because I want every little nutrient and piece of fiber that comes from using the NutraBullet.  And for a piece of kitchen equipment, it’s really affordable.

Friday afternoon, January 24th I head out for a cross country relocation. Newly minted as a plant based eater, what will I do for food?  It’s a challenge just thinking that I can’t cook a meal for myself for that long.  So the NurtraBullet is riding shot gun.  The dogs get the backseat to themselves.  I figure that I can find a grocery store for a cucumber, apple, spinach and a carrot.  If I’m really lucky I’ll be able to find kale and collard greens!




I’ve picked major cities to stay in during the trip so that I have a better chance of eating well.  Or at least eating healthy.  Pictures will be snapped on the trip to show you how I’m doing!