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Through the years friends come and go, right?  We all change, our circumstances change, and our friendships change.  Regardless of the timeline, the newness of the friendship, I had to write a thank you note to some special people this morning.

Is it time for you to write or call some folks to say thanks?  Here’s my email.

When I was in grad school in Seattle under lots of pressure and stress, I was rushing to the gym to get my workout in, and had a car accident while driving over an icy bridge.  That innocent accident brought about the roaring, but hidden lion of lupus.  I had no idea that it was lying in wait.  It was the first major health issue I’d ever faced and there was little support outside of Big Pharma solutions.


I worked at Bastyr University so I met with the docs there who recommended a local ‘miracle’ homeopath in Greenlake.  For two years we worked together to get my body into balance so that it could manage itself.  After 18 months of crawling across the floor just to get to the bathroom, I began work at Microsoft.  No drugs, no IV’s, no finger wagging by medical doctors for doing ‘voodoo’.  (ok, one doctor and I only saw him once)


That homeopath eventually married my nutritionist.  Together they are a power healing couple.  Dr. Schore has treated me for over 20 years now.  Through many ups and downs, stresses and more, he’s been there.  He kept telling me to leave Microsoft because my sensitive nature was overwhelmed and it had a negative impact on my health.  I can’t imagine my life without his wisdom and passion for good health. 


After the heart attack he read all of my medical records and prescribed me an alkaline diet.  Because he can’t treat me long distance, he insisted that I live on a simple diet until things became more manageable.  And he supported my abandonment of prescriptions that all heart patients get as ‘precautions’.  Instead, a green diet would be my precaution.  Superfoods would be my precaution.


For the past two years he knew that living in Nashville was draining my spirit.  When I wrote to update him that I am moving to Northern California, he was delighted.  His words of wisdom “you must be where you heart desires, because it’s there you create your best life”.  It’s true.  And there’s more….


Today I am grateful that I received an email from him with a new signature.  He signed his email—Robert.  We’ve become more than patient and doctor.  It was one of the most touching moments I’ve had in a long time.


Why am I writing to you about this?  There are only 7 of you on the BCC line.  The 7 of you have made this possible over the past four months.  I wouldn’t have made it through the heart attack, and certainly wouldn’t be making it to the west coast.  I’ve been walking dogs, doing data entry and trying to sell things but it adds up to so little.  Fresh food and financial boosts are propelling me to CA.


I am humbled and grateful.  For all of the years that I’ve donated to saving the lives of animals and people in need, I feel the Universe has worked through you to save me.  Don’t underestimate your contribution, and know that I’ve asked for blessings to be given back to you in abundance.  You know more about me than anyone else in my life.  You have become an integral part of making me successful.


With much love and affection,