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I hate it.  Every couple of weeks I either put an appendage out of the clean eating wagon, or actually jump off and have to run to catch up to it again.   You’re probably wondering what could make me do this.  Childhood memories.  Good ones.  (I don’t happen to have many good ones, so I hope you’ll understand why a good memory is VERY seductive)

mint chip


My first taste of the wonderful mint chocolate ice cream at the age of 10 and I was hooked.  Over the years I became a connoisseur of this amazing flavor blend that would propel me into a bit of heaven.  I must have over active taste buds, because they are titillated by mint and chocolate.  Sigh.  My weakness annoys me.  It’s like returning to a man you know isn’t good for you…but the sex is great.  Yes.  It’s that bad.

So today is a cleansing day.  It will turn ugly later today, but tomorrow will be the worst.  Do I regret it?  Even with the stomach upset?  No.  That’s why I keep going back.  It’s like flavor sex.

I’m a freak.  I get it.  But I know I’m not alone!!