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sugar nation

On Saturday afternoon I went to a movie (Philamena, it was great) with a couple of girlfriends.  After the movie we went to Starbucks, a regular stomping ground for all three of us.  Since I stopped coffee after the heart attack, I figured a Matcha green tea latte with soy would really kick butt.

When I got my nice hot drink I was so excited to have a frothy green tea drink that I took a huge sip.  It was creamy, lovely and…wait a minute…sweet!  I’ve never had a drink with soy milk, so I was surprised and assumed that soy milk is sweeter than regular skim milk.

After I got home I researched on Starbucks.com to see what was really in the drink.  I should have known.  55 grams of sugar.  Dammit!!  Is there no place to go and nothing to drink that won’t have hidden sugar?!  Aargh!  I’m not sure but there must be sugar in the soy milk AND the matcha.  It’s all too much sugar, wherever it’s hidden.

There’s no sugar in the matcha in my cabinet.  And I rarely use milk, but I’ll choose the nut milk with no additives.  By getting off sugar, severely reducing the fruit sugars etc, my body is super sensitive when it gets something sweet.  What happens?

Well, yesterday I was pacing around the house looking for something sweet.  Because by that time I was jonesing for sweetness.  I only had dates in the house, but I ate them all.  I threw them in my food processor with natural cacao and some peppermint extract.  It’s just a good thing I don’t keep anything else in the house.  I could have eaten a pint of mint chocolate chip Ben & Jerry’s.

Yes folks, I’m an addict.