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My wonderful friend Donna sent me a mini food processor (the color called pink champagne) for the holidays.  I find myself without tools now that I’m turning vegan.  Tools that I had years ago are long gone–given to people who wanted to cook at home.  Just cooking for one isn’t a lot of fun so I became a reductionist.  No longer.

mini processor

Since there was a sale on cauliflower before Christmas, I bought two gigantic heads.  Today I thought…puree.  Mashed might have been better, but I love just trying things out for myself.

I chopped up garlic, threw it into a pan with a Tablespoon of olive oil, then squeezed a whole lemon into the pan.  Once the garlic tasted like it infused the lemon juice and oil, I tossed in all of the cauliflower.  Then my favorite tumeric shaken vigorously over the veg.  Top on the pot for some fast steaming.  Followed with a few stirs.

After the mix cooled down a bit I took my new little processor for a test drive.  WOOT WOOT!  It tasted ok, but not quite right.  I didn’t have anything interesting to toss in, so I threw in fresh cilantro.  I know…not the BEST addition, but it was just for me and I happen to love all of the flavors.

It was dinner.  Leftovers tomorrow.  One christened mini food processor.