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Many chefs and cooks love their kitchen tools, or have a favorite utensil.  I am neither a chef or a cook, just a chick trying to make her way around food, tools and heart disease.

I bought my NutraBullet this summer, but got overwhelmed with buying fresh veggies and fruit that went bad so quickly.  At that time I was unaware of impending death opportunities, so was still eating chicken and sugar and dairy.

Now that all I can eat are veggies, the NutraBullet is a special, VERY special life saving device.  It would be impossible for me to eat this much green stuff in one sitting.  Every morning I wake up and have a cup of green tea.  Then I hit the fridge.

I pull out all sorts of things to squish into the NB.  My go to stuff is kale, chard, half an apple, half a lemon, what ever herbs are in there (basil, thyme, cilantro), spinach if I have some, one carrot, and 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon or ginger or cacao or (not chocolate people), and water.  I take the juice bullet thingy, a straw and a spoon to my desk.  Thankful for the green stuff that I know is healing my heart, fueling my body, and delivering much needed nutrients to my cells.

green juice

I know that the recipes in the NB book offer all sorts of ideas with fruit, but I have to minimize my sugar intake.  Using tropical fruits and high sugar fruits aren’t really good for you.  Even if it’s fruit.  There’s just too much sugar.  More veggies, less fruit.

The more greens you get into your body, the better you’ll feel.  Seriously.  I promise.