I am going to have to try this! Even though agave syrup has a high glycemic index, I may make it as it from the first try. Then play with sugar balance 2nd try.

Bunny Kitchen


I first saw a recipe for a beetroot chocolate cake about 2 years ago when a recipe came with my weekly organic veg box. Boxes had contained bunches of beetroot for about 4 weeks running and the company were kindly helping keep us in ideas to ensure no anti-beetroot campaign. I turned my nose up at it. Beetroot in a cake? Yuck.


It’s funny how our tastes and preferences develop and change over time. I’ve never considered myself a fussy eater (minus animal products as a vegetarian/vegan!), I’d eat anything as long as it met my vegetarian values. I loved beetroot and of course loved chocolate, especially chocolate cake, but the two together just didn’t appeal to me.


Two years later, I come across a recipe for avocado cookies. I bookmark the recipe and think it’s a genius idea. This reminds me of the beetroot chocolate cake which I’ve seen…

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