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As the old friends go, new friends come.  It’s almost like a magical mystical mathematical equation.  There’s pain with letting go of old friends, and the old dreams of what could be.

What I’ve found warming is that as I move on to a new life post heart attack, I bring in new friends with different sensibilities.  Whether its experience with loved ones living with chronic disease, or having a managed but chronic disease themselves.

There is an acceptance and a more relaxed approach to life.  Knowing that one can’t control everything, and facing death or loved one’s deaths changes people. One of the new people who popped into my life has been wrestling with her daughter’s leukemia in another country.  Long distance mothering is a challenge, right?

I think the ebb and flow of life is best experienced when we are fully present in ourselves first.   As this happens we grow and change, life happens around us and sometimes to us.  How we manage the things thrown at us opens doors for us to move to a new level of friendship and intimacy.  That disrupts the balance and there is nothing to do but flow with Universe.  Resisting is painful.

I’m learning that while I must feel the pain of losing friends, being misunderstood, even being betrayed and abandoned, I must also let the pain go.  Then there is space for newness.

Even when I think I’m too old for this, I see that it’s really a universal principle…change, flow and let go.

life awaiting