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I want to create a Band of Sisters.  Fighters, not content with being neglected, ready to stand up for each other, negotiate the complicated bureaucracy, ferret out truth, speak truth, protect those unable to support themselves.

Who will this Band of Sisters be?  Heart attack survivors and women with heart disease.  A neglected group of people in need of advance health intervention and strong after care, but broadly misunderstood and neglected as a people and class.

How will we recognize this group?  By the jewelry they proudly wear.  Because this jewelry is the conversation piece that draws out people to ask questions.  The anatomical heart, the multiple pieces engraved sterling with name, date and stamped heart lead the conversation for a heart attack survivor. The anatomical heart leads people to ask “why are you wearing THAT?!”  I answer it with my story of surviving a heart attack, or how many women die from heart attacks, or how little we know about taking care of our hearts, or how most of the information about nutrition for the heart is 25 years outdated.  Most and worst of all, pharmaceutical companies test their drugs on under 25% of women yet subscribe to 100% of women.

All of this leads to DEATH for 1 in 3 of women who have heart attacks.

There have been others who have gone before us in sisterhood.

The Band of Sisters in Iraq:

band of sisters iraq


The Band of Sisters a film about Catholic nuns. Band of Sisters focuses on the life experiences and current-day stories of more than a dozen nuns. Many of them have been central agents in the great social movements of our time.

band of sisters catholicNow, a Band of Sisters committed to saving the lives of other women from the Silent Killer that is heart disease.

My next post will be ideas for the launch of new jewelry ideas.  I want your feedback!