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I admit it to the world…I’m addicted to sugar.  Even though it’s something I love and and long for, I’ve worked hard for years to not over do it.  By American standards I suppose it’s not a really BAD addiction.  I control it.  I give in to it with great thought.  But I worry about it with familial diabetes.

Sadly, I have crappy genes.  Dammit.  Heart disease on one side, diabetes on the other.  And the two feed each other.  There’s a symbiotic connection that creates a toxic mix in the body.  

So when my homeopath and nutritionist cut my diet to leafy greens and basically creating an alkaline environment, I knew kicking sugar was going to be tough.  It’s not like they gave me anything other than an occasional apple and prune to help out with the desire.

Ever the creative soul, I discovered Cacao Nibs.  High in antioxidants, even more than blueberries, cacao in the natural form is awesome.  And I realized that I LOVE the nibbling on those little things.  It takes time to nibble (I don’t grab a handful) and fully enjoy the chocolate flavor.  Better than chocolate.  Richer than chocolate.  Amazing.  

Give them a try.  If you’re not on an all green diet, add them to a smoothie or juice that you make.  Totally yummy!