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During my recent consult with the homeopath that has treated me for 20 years, he asked me what kind of exercise I was doing prior to the heart attack.  He recalls that I was training for a triathlon when we first met.

Yes, I was in school full time, working 3 part time jobs and training at the gym.  What?! That’s not normal?  Wimps, all of you!

For most of my adult life I pushed my body like it was a machine.  And while I fed it reasonably well, and slept 6 or 7 hours a night, the fact is my body is not a machine.  In particular my constitution is more fragile and I wanted to be tough.  Not give into ‘weakness’.

I tortured my body.  What others did was not right for me.  But I wanted to prove something.  Don’t get me wrong…there was plenty of enjoyment in this.  A lot of satisfaction, great rewards, and awesome muscles.  Looking back at how little my generation truly knew about health and fitness, overall wellness, I see that I fell into a trap.

So when Dr. Schore says no cardio…just walk.  I know what he’s talking about.  He doesn’t even need to say anything else.  I need to embrace my heart.  I tried not to panic when he said I’d gain weight at first.  That’s enough to send any bulimic, work out addict over the edge.  

Fortunately, I’ve emotionally grown up with therapy helping me adjust to my childhood issues.  And seriously.  Menopause is NOT for wimps.  Ask your mother.  Your sister.  Your wife.  It sucks.  That’s just the Perimenopause part.  Wait the STOP part hits and you’re thrilled that all the crap is behind you and you don’t have to run to the store to buy tampons anymore.

All of a sudden you can’t button your jeans.  WTF.  Be kind to yourself.  Be good to your heart.  Age gracefully.  Don’t push.  This is all you have.  

And it’s not about how you look.  It’s about how healthy you are.  Protect your heart