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I am very lucky to have met Dr. Robert Schore years ago when I was in grad school.  I was working at Bastyr University in the AIDS clinic and the Homeless Youth clinic while serving on the board of the 45th Street Clinic in Seattle.

While I’d been awarded full scholarship to any university in California, I wanted to understand how the alternative health care system worked with the traditional  US health care system..  Seattle had been known for being a caring city, providing free and cheap health care to those who needed it when I moved there.  It was 1985.

Wanting to utilize the free care offered to me at Bastyr, I tried homeopathic care with a student.  A very cocky student.  Big mistake.  While homeopathic medicines are considered to not do harm, they can.  The wrong cure, the wrong dose, the wrong assumptions, a fragile patient.  ME. That was me.  Of course always the canary in  the mine.

I’ll skip the details and get to Dr. Schore.  Geeky.  Smart.  Big heart.  Not used to being challenged.  Used to whining.  When we met he had to adjust a little that I really wanted to get well, and I wasn’t whining.  That I’d been doing so much research on the body and healthcare for so many years, I wasn’t going to accept anyone’s opinion without solid conversations that made sense.  (I’m sure you see the pattern)

That man got me through a very long health challenge, back on my feet and working.  Most importantly working out again.  When I’d fallen ill I was training for a triathalon.  He was against my style of working out.  Thought I was driven…he was right.  But he thought it was unhealthy.  I didn’t care.  

It’s been 20 years now.  He is living on the coast of Washington now with his nutritionist wife.  I’m in Nashville.  But he’s my go to doctor for anything.  After I left the hospital Cardiac ICU, he was my first call.

Finally yesterday we had our meeting.  And now I have my marching orders.  All the confusion with all the doctors programs for eating and cardiologists recommendations…I have his recommendation.  More strict of course.  Because he knows me.



I’m not really a junk food eater by most people’s standards.  His bar is higher than mine, and certainly most people’s.  I went to Costco to get big bags of Almonds, Quinoa, Steel cut oats, and a few other bulk items.  Admittedly a roasted chicken because I won’t be seeing animal protein for awhile. Somehow knowing that made me crave it.

Today I went to Kroger and stocked up on  collard greens (ewww), kale (learning to endure), and other green things.  It’s going to be a long 4 weeks.

Before you offer other options, and try and talk me (or yourself) out of pleasurable food, consider how you want to live.  What you’re willing to give up.  What you’re willing to live with and wrestle with at the end of your life.

One detail I forgot to share with you.  After 9/11 I gave into taking medication.  For the last 12 years.  It goes against my core values.  The years of cognitive dissonance, pain, terror and more justified it for me.  And as Dr. Schore pointed out yesterday–one of the drugs is a known organ killer.  My past medical doctors were afraid to address the PTSD alternatively.  Dr. Schore is fearless.  He didn’t know I was still on the meds.  The earthquake of a heart attack that shook me to the core has stripped me of my fear of going without meds.

So here we go.  First the cleanse.  Do you want to see my list of foods?  Here it is:

Some cooked, some raw, start with 50:50


Dry beans – soak and cook

Rice, short grain organic

Quinoa, organic




Raw sunflower seeds

Raw almonds

Little bit of apple

Collard greens




Herbs, spices, and whole salt

Olive oil

Apple cider vinegar


Instead of shake, soak gluten free rolled oats, sunflower seeds, and snipped prunes.





Sugar and sugar substitutes


Animal protein


 Eat every 2 hours

 No cardio exercise. Just walk every day.