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When we hear that someone has cancer, it’s easy to understand that there’s a potentially long road ahead for them into wholeness.  Chemo, radiation, hair loss and things we either can or cannot relate to personally.

My mother had uterine cancer when I was in high school.  It took her life rather quickly back then.  When she died she weighed 85 pounds.  No child should have to see that, but we know that it happens more than any of us would like to hear about.

Breast cancer gets lots of play in the media and we all have done great work in raising funds with walks and runs.  Even with ovarian and other cancers there are many people who walk in support of fund raising.  

By the responses to my heart attack from friends and connections “Glad you’re feeling better” just days after the event, I’m stunned that people don’t understand what a heart attack means.

I actually don’t feel better.  I just didn’t die.  The road to recovery from a heart attack is different for everyone, but it can be quite a long road.  There’s so much to learn, and like the surprise event, it’s all happening quietly inside.  And that is what is most frightening.  What IS happening inside?  If I’m not feeling pain, am I getting healthier?  If I don’t feel weak how do I know this isn’t going to happen again?  It’s pretty scary.

What can I do to help people learn?  Not sure yet, other than using this blog, and the new jewelry line.  And my big mouth.