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Being a Type A person has it’s perks.  You get alot done.  You can achieve more than everyone in your family.  For me it was being the first to get an education, to travel the world, have a ‘white collar’ career.  And now…the youngest in the family to have a heart attack.  Most of the family waited until they were in their 70’s.  I have much to consider as I reflect on my life up until this moment.  How much did stress play into this, since it clearly wasn’t food or smoking, drinking etc?  And as I’ve read about a broken heart, how much did not having a family after the age of 18 (my father left us, my mother died) have to do with this event?  All of my father’s family members had each other and children.  I’m the first with no children and the first to be isolated  since the family disintegrated when the patriarchs all passed away.  No one held the family together.  It’s clearly a sign of how unhealthy our family was emotionally, Some days I wonder what all the therapy actually did for me.  Well, I know what it did for me…but did it give me tools to make better decisions about my life?  I think it remains to be seen.  I have many more years left, right?Image