The young doctor’s all rushing around without making eye contact doing very important work had begun to freak me out.  As it was wearing me out, a tall woman with a blue hair covering and blue operating gear on walked in with a strong presence.  Finally an adult.

She smiled at me and stated, “I have the good stuff”.  And off we went.  I have no idea who was wheeling me, where I was being wheeled to, but I felt very comfortable with her and that I was getting good stuff.  Whatever it was, I wanted it.

Image Before getting the good stuff I had to be transferred to another table.  I seriously doubted my ass could fit on it.  The SMALLEST operating table I’d ever seen.  I’ve only seen them on tv, but this didn’t look right.  I wiggled on struggled to keep my legs in place while they pulled up side protectors at my arms.  I placed my head down, they turned on the “good stuff” and I was out.

When I came to in the Cardiac ICU an hour later I could barely make out my friends Andra and KJ in the room with the cardiologist.  Andra was petting my arm.  Then the cardiologist informed me that a stent had been inserted in my femoral artery and up into my heart.  Ahhh.  The small table must have had another leg or something to tie my leg down for insertion.  Still not sure about that…will have to find out.  And of course, the mystery of public shave down was now understood.  (however, I still think someone could have eased my stress by filling me in on the upcoming event)

I’m very thankful for the nurse who, with just her presence and voice, put me at ease…and gave me the good stuff.  She will always be a great memory in a tough time.